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We celebrate the success stories that result from ARMCare's interventions!  It's not always easy, and often the road to recovery is very long, but the results make it more than worthwhile.

But we can't do it without your support!  Thank you to everyone who has helped us to help these precious individuals.  With your continued support, and with the help of additional supporters we'll be able to ensure that many more families don't fall through the cracks.  

If you're not already part of the ARMCare community, we invite you to join us in making a difference!

Without ARMCare, I couldn’t imagine how life would be. I was desperate seeing Mum suffer with her illness, but didn’t know where to get help...[ARMCare] made us feel we are worth living...I believe God poured His blessings to us through ARMCare’s help, support & guiding us to have a better health or life in this new country. Thank you to ARMCare for helping refugees to live a life with better health, with joy and happiness.
— Female university student

Watch this space for more stories.  We have many to tell!