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Our Board 

ARMCare is a company limited by guarantee, established as an independent Christian charity to provide services which advance the welfare of refugees and migrants with a refugee background in Australia.  Its members appoint a board of volunteer directors

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Claire Jones BVSc, BVSc(Hons), MMedVet(Med), MIPH

Claire Jones migrated from Kenya to South Africa as a teen, and completed a Bachelor of Veterinary Science at The University of Pretoria, Onderstepoort.  She worked in private small animal practice for 4 years before joining the University of Pretoria, and later the Medical University of Southern Africa as a Senior Lecturer and researcher in the Faculties of Veterinary Medicine.  During this time, she completed an Honours degree, and then a Master of Veterinary Science (Medicine) (Small Animals) degree, which enabled her to be registered as a veterinary specialist with the South African Veterinary Board. She lectured widely on invitation across Europe and South Africa, worked as an external examiner for the University of Pretoria’s Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and as a scientific peer-reviewer for the Journal of The South African Veterinary Association. She opened and ran South Africa’s first veterinary dermatology specialist clinic and veterinary allergy testing laboratory for 7 years.  Claire was the first female recipient of the South African Veterinary Association's Award for Clinical Excellence in 1991.

After migrating to Australia, Claire worked in private veterinary practice as well as for a veterinary pharmaceutical company.  In 2012, she completed a Master of International Public Health at the University of Queensland.  During her studies, Claire met and worked among Karen, Chin, Sudanese, and Iranian refugees in Brisbane.  Since 2012, she has been providing health care coordination, health advocacy, health education, and social support among refugees and migrants on Brisbane’s Northside, together with working to increase the cultural competence, and the diagnosis and management of diseases related to refugees among health professionals.  For this work Claire was a finalist for the 2016 Hesta Unsung Hero Community Sector Award, and was awarded the Hesta Primary Health Care Individual Distinction Award for 2017.


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Claire Peng, B.Com, M.Bus

Claire Peng was born in China and moved to Brisbane in 2011. She was appointed the Brisbane International Student Ambassador in 2013 representing China. Claire attended the University of Queensland Business School, where she was awarded the UQ Advantage Award made a UQ Future Leader. She gained experience in refugee and citizenship matters while doing work experience at the Brisbane’s Lord Mayor’s Office. She was also part of the Young Professionals at the Asia Pacific Cities Summit 2015, and is the East Asia Regional Manager of Pro Bono Econos. She is now working at EY as a graduate auditor.

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Nicholas Johnson, BBus(Ec), BMaths, BBus(Hons), JP(Qual)

Nicholas Johnson is a trained mathematician and economist, services entrepreneur and professional speaker, having been invited to speak at the World Forum for Youth Leaders, APCS 2015, the International Pivotal Summit, the World Trade Organisation, and the United Nations at Geneva, to name a few. Nicholas is a national-level chess player, a former national-level competitive swimmer and concert pianist, and is conversant in English, Latin, Spanish and Greek.

Nicholas attended the Queensland University of Technology Business School and School of Mathematical Sciences, where he graduated at the top of his cohort and was awarded the QUT Student Leader of the Year. He now teaches economics, statistics and mathematics classes at QUT. Nicholas also studied entrepreneurship and innovation at Aalto University. He was inducted as a World Economic Forum Global Shaper at the age of twenty-one, and he is the founder and Executive Director of Pro Bono Econos. A former Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute research scholar, he has also spent time at the National Centre for Econometric Research and as a freelance big data consultant, where he reached the semifinals of the World Big Data Championships in 2015. Nicholas currently sits beside the Lord Mayor of Brisbane Graham Quirk on the steering committee for organising the 2017 Asia Pacific Cities Summit in Daejeon, South Korea. He is a sought-after board director for many nonprofit organisations, and has experience on many advisory boards for sporting and mental health organisations, including the Australian Football League's MindMax project, the Young and Well CRC, and QUT Sport. Nicholas is a Justice of the Peace (Qualified) in the State of Queensland.


Murray Lawrence, CDec

Murray was born in Brisbane and has remained a resident of the city ever since. He has worked in various industries, including banking and finance, local government and full time Christian ministry. He also has 15 years’ experience in managing a small business in the allied health professional area. He is a Commissioner for Declarations in Queensland.

Murray is a pastor who has served for eleven years at a church which offers services in four different languages to large numbers of refugees and migrants. He has worked with and supported them from the time of their arrival in the country through to many becoming citizens and being integrated into Australian society and its way of life.

Through experience in employment and in a voluntary position with a number of incorporated societies, Murray has gained substantial experience in teaching and training, pastoral care, financial planning and management and managing both staff and volunteers.